Frequently Asked Questions


What do I wear?
There is no real rule. Ideally, something you can bend and move in, No jeans. Layers are a good idea as you may start off cool, get hot and then cool down again in Savasana. Some poses are inversions, so the clothing needs to be reasonably snug to prevent it riding up when you are inverted.

Do I need to bring a Mat and other equipment?
Yes, due to covid19  guidelines no equipment can be shared. You will need a yoga mat, a blanket for Savasana (preferably a warm one for the winter months). In addition you may want two yoga bricks and one yoga block  and a strap. If you are new to yoga I would suggest starting with a mat and using a dressing gown cord as a strap. You may bring a cushion or Yoga toe socks if you would like - this is entirely up to you. Normal socks are not appropriate, but can be worn for lying and sitting postures.

Where is Brookland Village Hall?
Boarmans Lane, Brookland. TN29 9QZ.
From the Brookland roundabout, take the first right and then the next right, into the village hall car park. (You will pass the old pub on your left).

Do I need to book?
Yes booking is necessary to ensure there is no over booking.


Can I cancel?

Term Bookings are non-refundable*. In the event that we are locked down, or I am self isolating, classes will move online to zoom. Please do not book unless you adhere to these terms. Classes will be recorded, so if you are unable to make a class for whatever reason, you can still participate retrospectively.

*In the event that I am unable to provide a class in person or online, a refund will be given.

Drop-in classes are non-transferable and non-refundable.
Cancellations received 48 hours prior to the class starting will receive a class credit to be used within 14 days (subject to maximum numbers). Classes cancelled within 48 hours of the class starting will forfeit the class credit.

Courses, workshops and special events:
Courses, workshops and special events are non-transferable and non-refundable.


Its advisable not to eat a big meal before coming. If you need to have a snack try and keep it light and within 30-60 mins of class. You can bring a bottle of water with you, this however is more necessary during the summer than the winter months. However, Its advisable to drink water after yoga, to help clear any waste, similar to when you've had a massage. 

Health Issues
If you have any health concerns or it has been a while since you have exercised, please consult with your doctor prior to the class. I have a health questionnaire that is required to be filled in prior to your first class. This enables me to keep an eye on you, offer alternatives and let you know if there are any postures you should avoid.

Any other questions?
Please don't hesitate to message me or phone me, starting something new can be daunting and I'd love to take that worry away.

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